What the New Year means to me – Don’t hold back

I’d like to share with you that, in the past, I have not been one to make New Year resolutions.


Maybe you can relate to this. I thought of them as some kind of superstitious gesture, or something like that. Not sure. But I can definitely say that I did object to them as necessarily artificial: Why wait for the New Year to make a resolution, after all? For that matter, why wait for the Christmases, anniversaries, or birthdays in a year to give gifts or tell others that you care or that you think of them?

Different Opinion Now

But I’ve modified my opinion on that, as with some other things. Maybe it is a function of getting older and recognizing my mistakes and self-defeating thought patterns. Maybe it’s just me.  Or it could be I am just now getting hip to the basic, human, frontal-lobe, adaptive need for commemoration to mark the passage of time; of creating remembrance instead of relying on fragile memory (well, mine certainly); and having a new found (or rediscovered) sense for Time-and-Place?

New Year’s wish and resolve

On that note, I want to wish you all a happy New Year. And to celebrate living, breathing, and doing.


My resolution, and I will tell you, as I have or will tell others, is to Not Hold Back.

Yes, kind of abstract, I agree. Not the best three words I could come up with. And it isn’t about being rude or anything. I cannot think of another way to state it more succinctly or in a way that has more meaning to me. Some associative words? Maybe these:

  • response
  • risk
  • exposure
  • expression
  • honesty

Response to discovery

In my mind it is framed in large letters. It is about discovery and, more importantly, how I respond to discovery; living outwardly instead of just inwardly. Taking some chances, not just in a spirit of adventure, but in the mundaneness of the everyday. My assumption is that the reward most definitely justifies a little embarrassment or being exposed in a way that sometimes makes me uncomfortable.

Q: What good is it to wait or play it cool if you just end up with a handful of nothing?
A: And when I end up with nothing anyway, I am sure I will have no regrets for my efforts, but I will eat my heart out if I never tried.

We are working on this.



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