Character in the Campains

I have seen this with my own eyes:  Attempts to misinform people about what will happen if they vote a certain way.  In case you are wondering whether there exists a campaign to disenfranchise voters, I would like to add my voice and say, “It exists”.  Rather, there are unscrupulous people out there who won’t hesitate to use anger, violence, lies, and hatred to accomplish their goals.  If there was a single characteristic difference between the “McCain” and “Obama” campaigns, it is this (and I am speaking strictly from personal experience):  The supporters of Obama don’t seem to be resorting to violence and deception.

The vote-fraud has begun.  In the Miami Herald, Tova Andrea Wang and Jonah H. Goldman write in their article Don’t fall for vote-fraud tricks that Republican groups are using a variety of tactics to bully or decieve voters in order to prevent them from voting.  These tactics, along with phony grass-roots movements founded by the Republican leadership, were used in both the 2000 and 2004 elections to leverage key electoral votes that would be difficult (read: “impossible”) to argue in court.

The authors of  Voter deception 2.0 outline the problem with regard to vote suppression and deceptive practices.



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