Peace, Good Will, and Understanding?

What does it mean to “promote peace and understanding”?  And, what does it mean to show good will?  Honestly, I wouldn’t know.  Black heart and all.

This is all precipitated from the news from Bonners Ferrry, Idaho:  Some witless fellow thought it would be a good idea to display a noose and some kind of sign referencing his favorite list of politicians to hate.  Surprise, none were right-wing!  His is not a rare example.  In any town or region, you will find malcontents a-plenty who think that blunt bigotry is a good idea.

I don’t want to pontificate.  I just want to say that this always bugs me.  What’s the deal here?  I want to ask this guy, “Why is your world so small?”

I have nothing else to add.  Sorry.



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