We heard today the acting President reflecting upon his tenure and upon the actions he took and did not take. He spoke of the Federal response to the results of hurricane Katrina; he spoke of the “Mission Accomplished” episode; he referred to himelf as “an old sage”, referred to immigration legislation, referred to the excesses of Wall Street while ignoring the Administration’s excesses; reminded us of his mishandling of Korea, Israel, Iraq, and on and on.

He spoke of “trying”.

The suggestion that he and his administration was better for having tried and failed than never to have tried1 is to do violence to the definition of “try”. That Administration “tried” to get away with illegal wire-tapping, “tried” to keep prisoners without charging them, “tried” to escalate a war beyond its current level (imagine!), “tried” to curry favor with upper income voters, “tried” to ignore the Endangered Species Act, “tried” to install unqualified heads of departments.

Fair enough. We wanted to impeach him and put him in prison. I guess we didn’t try hard enough.



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