Who wants peace?

I have been reviewing a compiled list of the various organizations that exist to promote peace in the Middle East–specifically, groups that purportedly exist to promote peace between Israeli and Palestinian citizens.

One could easily identify in excess of 500 groups, just in the United States. Worldwide, how many thousands? This includes, to name a few categories, “Middle East” and activist groups, women’s organizations, youth groups, political groups, Zionist groups, interfaith groups, human rights organizations, refugee organizations.

It is discouraging to read of all these groups as I simultaneously listen to the radio about rockets being lobbed into, or out of, Gaza. In the last three weeks, over 900 Palestinians have been killed.1 2 3 4 inside of their twenty-four mile long prison. In six years of conflict, thousands. And then there are the Israelis, both the military and the civilian deaths.

Is the sum-total of the influence of all of these groups so miniscule? Is the power of the interests behind the fighting that much greater? Perhaps it is time for “Soccer Moms for Peace” to concede defeat and quit meeting for coffee. It isn’t working.



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