Try not to look

This is happening right now.

This is what every man, woman, and child in Gaza can expect to discover in the morning.

For anyone who may wonder what people in the “Arab world” have to say about this, one only need to read the comments left under the videos of the horror:  They are outraged, yes; but the outrage extends to everyone.  The anger is against Israel, naturally, but also against Saudi Arabia, against Egypt, against any great power that has influence in the region and has done nothing.

I wrote of the overwhelmingly large number of groups dedicated to peace in the middle east.  In the U.S. alone there are so many groups, that it is (perhaps) impossible to count [I had counted about 500.  The number is so large as to make that figure laughable!].  Surely, the number of people in all of these groups combined would exceed the population of Israel, Gaza, the West Bank–even Jordan, Syria, Lebanon…

The ineffectiveness of these groups is astounding.



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