One Israeli Soldier = One Hundred Dead Palestinians

Today we learned that according to the most recent reports, ten Israeli soldiers and three Israeli civilians died as a result of combat or Hamas rocket fire since December 27.

Also today, we learned that over one thousand Palestinian men, women, and children have been killed as a direct result of Israeli sniper fire, phosphor bombs and aerial shelling.

Black square in place of the picture removed without my knowledge or consent

Hundreds of children, as they ran between buildings, were picked off by Israeli snipers.

UPDATE: I wrote these few, short paragraphs (above) in January of 2009.

The Israeli military had responded, then, to some nearly ineffectual bombing initiated by Hamas military types, with some bombing of their own — including phosphor and shrapnel bombs — and indiscriminate sniper fire. I say “nearly” ineffectual, incidentally, though the thirteen dead might disagree about the definition of that word. After a month, however, the number of dead was huge. Hamas bombs had killed several Israelis. The Israelis, by comparison, killed several thousand Palestinians.

In the original post, I had included a very graphic, though, I think, appropriate picture of a small child, propped up by visibly shaken men; the child had a blank look and ashen skin. His head leaned slightly to one side. Three large holes were visible in his small torso. He had been shot several times in rapid succession by someone who was aiming directly at him. That picture was removed from my blog silently and without my knowledge. I’ve replaced that picture with a black square. You can see the picture more vividly in your mind’s eye anyway.

It is now 2014 and the numbers of dead on both sides have increased several times over. As in 2009 and in previous conflicts, the Israelis this time around, again, have suffered out of proportion from the deaths of a few people. I will not mock those dead to say that their few numbers, politically and nationally affiliated, are in any way construed as insignificant. They are just as dead; the living friends and families grieve just as much for their loss as one would expect of any other person on earth. But the response by Israel against Palestinians, I don’t need to tell you, can only be construed as bestial. Many thousands of Palestinian men, women, and children have simply been destroyed where they stood or where they huddled. Farms obliterated; fishermen murdered on their boats; children decimated on Gaza beaches; streets shredded; homes, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools — all leveled, often with their inhabitants still inside.

–Alexander Safir, September 2014