I recently read some comments on the matter of what to call one’s own [lack of] belief in god(s) or fairies or invisibles, or whatever. The term is new to me. I’d now be much more inclined to refer to my own views on the subject as Apatheism: Because I don’t care if all those invented gods exist or not!

Yeah….but I kind of do care.

Those wholly invented, “religious” stories are pawned off, not as mere cultural unifiers, but as Truth. Yes, “Truth”, with a capital “T”! These aren’t mere stories. No, they always and invariably require one (me) to make a decision between going-along-to-get-along and telling someone to get stuffed when they insist (and they always do) that you accept their goofy logic or sentimental, twisty apologetic or fear of the unknown purely out of respect for their beliefs!

It’s that demand for respect that bothers me the most.



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