The Force is Always Against You: Obi-Wan is no one’s hope

That galaxy which exists in a tale of a land far away and long ago could have greatly benefitted from a slightly stronger culture of skepticism and from a slightly less subservient desire to be ruled by the invisible.

Through his reticence to participate in the culture – in literature, in society, in politics – and to the degree in which he demurred from dirtying his hands or courageously exposing his beliefs and identity, Obi-Wan directly enabled both the absolutist Empire and the self-serving, corporate, reflexively self-appointed Monarchies without any thought to the consequences to republican government and a stable judiciary.

I hear you!

You’re complaining, just now, that I simply don’t understand the stakes and the terrible magic they had to confront; what little power those on the side of good possessed to that end!

“What else could they do?!”, you ask.

Well, will you please ask (yourself) instead what citizens and polity could have done easily, but which they had neglected on that long road to despotism? Power isn’t conceded in a moment or a single act, but yielded in many pieces until little is left to defend and subsequently lose in a single, rigged vote.

Religious orthodoxies, like the Force cult, are most interested in supporting a particular kind of strong and centralized power, particularly when that power is directly amenable to their own dogma and more especially when in combat against competing orthodoxies: One orthodoxy blasphemes against the others, each holds heretical positions against the others; none cares how many lives are expended in the pursuit of the Purity of their own invented “faith” (as it is characterized).

“Life is eternal”, say the demagogues. Life is expendable in that fleshly experience is not what really matters to them. So, as it has been with all cults in the history of our own, particular, blue world, as it is also with the Force in that far world, long ago.

At the expense of sounding less than generous, let’s just add a conciliatory note that other than for his exceptional and contagious and embarrassing credulity, Obi-Wan was probably a swell fellow and he loved a good laugh.



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