Julian Assange: A call for investigation (4 November 2010 press conference)

Transcribed from publicly available, if edited, video:

Three months ago, we revealed the intimate details of six years of war in Afghanistan. Two weeks ago we revealed the same type of information covering Iraq. In the case of Afghanistan, over 90000 records; in the case of Iraq, 40000 records.

The result of this and some of our other publishing activities has led, not to the United States conducting a full and a frank investigation into the abuses revealed, as other countries are doing, but rather, an aggressive investigation into this organization, public threats toward this organization,a demand for the destruction of that material.

I do not believe that that type of behavior is acceptable to the world community. I do not believe that it is in the interests of the United States to conduct its affairs in this way. If the United States is to be seen as a credible country that obeys the rule of law, that obeys those laws that it has committed to and, in many cases, has promoted, it must conduct investigations into plausible violations of those laws. It is time that the US opened up instead of covering up.

The United States is in grave danger of losing its way.

Currently available (2010-11-06) video of this press conference:



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