Today in Cairo: Arrest of British photojournalist Neil Pollick

British journalist and free-lance photographer Neil Pollick, has been arrested while photographing a group of protesters in front of the Ministry of Defense, presumably on charges of espionage.

His arrest signals the continued insecurity by the military government of Egypt with regard to the control of information. It is trivial to say that this is an impossible condition for the military and the sooner they get out of the business of governing, the better.

Amira Al-Tahawi posted confirmation of his arrest earlier today after other unconfirmed reports indicated doubts about his name or whether his arrest took place.

Pollick contributes to the Egyptian daily, Al Masr y Al Youm.


I have not confirmed this personally, but Twitter posts (1, 2, 3) say that although he was asked a lot of questions, he was not harmed and has been released. No one at Al Masr y Al Youm has responded to inquiries.