70 Grapes and All of Eternity

What a shame. You’d better make those grapes last! Eternity is such a very long time!

And there you sit, at last, having eaten your last grape. Without those grapes, you have nothing but eternity to convince yourself you never wanted grapes to begin with! You, shrouded and bearded, a Sisyphus with such a greater stone to roll up a nonexistent peak.

Approximately one eternity later, with an eternity left ahead, you have a not-so-clear memory of all you had hoped for back then, now made clearer for new reasons you forever give yourself for never wanting to remember in the first place! “Oh, sweet grapes. I used to remember what they tasted like. Now, I don’t even remember what they looked like! Who needs grapes anyway. Still…”

Could you keep one, I wonder? I mean, just don’t eat the last grape. Ever.

Well, you can’t have your grape and eat it too! I couldn’t agree more. What worth is a grape if you don’t eat it?

And, which is worse: To never eat the last grape for all of eternity or that terrible moment, stretched to an eternity, after you eat the last grape? What Hell is this Heaven before us?! What diabolical punishment this reward for virtue?

Oh, for just one more grape!



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