Quote and Misquote

I have no particular reason to think that Gabriel Garcia Marquez did not say
“He sido forastera durante casi toda mi vida, condición que acepto porque no me queda alternativa.”

But the admission, widely attributed to him lately, seems unlikely even if it is inversely inspirational. Marquez doesn’t seem that convincing as an “outsider”.

This was a lucky guess, as it turns out, concerning an implausible source. The misattributed quote had been floating around unchallenged. Happily, it didn’t end up being permanently processed by the public mythology machine like the “absence of evidence” 1 quote.

I put exactly no effort into finding the origin of this quote I jotted down four years ago. I stumbled across the source entirely by chance. This is, in fact, a line from the memoir, Mi país inventado 2–from the beginning of the first chapter, entitled “Unas Palabras Para Comenzar”–written by (another) writer known for “magical realist” style, the Chilean author, Isabel Allende.

  1. Absence of Source 
  2. Isabel Allende
    , Mi Pais Inventado: Un Paseo Nostalgico por Chile. New York: Harper Collins (2004) 


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