Come to Think of it, What Benefit is there?

Why would I decline to to debate with Creationists? Would you, if you were a geographer, agree to have a debate with a Flat-Earther? There comes a point when you have to say you are — by agreeing to appear on a platform with somebody like that — you are giving them status. If a real scientist appears on a platform; if say, a reproductive scientists appeared on a platform with an advocate of the Stork Theory of… But, I will say this, that I’ve never actually dared to use the formula that my colleague, Robert May — Lord May — who’s one of Britain’s — actually, he’s Australian, come to think of it — most distinguished scientist. He was the government Chief Scientific Adviser for a while and then president of the Royal Society. What he says when he’s asked to have a debate with a Creationists, [affecting an Australian accent] “That would look great on your CV, not so good on mine.” — Richard Dawkins, October 2009 at Berkeley Arts and Letters



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