You may easily apprehend that US law enforcement and juridical systems are built upon the idea of incarceration as retribution rather than rehabilitation. Were this construed from nothing else, it would be that the United States has the highest rates of incarceration in the world.

I think you’d have a hard time pinning that particular conclusion down from any one, specific case or dictum and could, I suppose, mistakenly hope that all those people are being jailed for, oh, “therapeutic” reasons. Men of specifically African decent are imprisoned far out of proportion to the alleged crimes, assuming 1 that crimes were 2 ever proved 3 to have 4 been committed 5 (!), and most certainly in greater proportions than European descendants or “merely brown-skinned” for similar or lesser crimes.

The rule behind and underlying political pressure is to punish for prejudices about a person’s perceived nature. It is retribution.

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