The Pointless Murder of Troy Davis

The universe will never, for better or worse, generate another Troy Davis and certainly not the Troy Davis who had experiences which only he could have. Obscenely arrogant men, making cowardly excuses but nevertheless assuming for themselves a mantle of total importance, took upon themselves a self-assigned right to eliminate Troy Davis’s experience from the world and from the universe forever. You know as well as I that these individuals, like us all, will soon be crushed by the same silent oblivion they decided forced on Troy Davis. They, too, will cease to experience; they, too, will be as forgotten a century from now. All of this will be for the same purpose and benefit: Absolutely nothing.

Spencer Lawton worked to convict Troy Davis on flimsy evidence to a sentence not of a lifetime of reflection on his alleged crime, but to obliteration.

Troy Davis, executed 2011
Troy Davis, executed 2011


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