Get Rich Now! (or thereabouts)

I want to tell everyone that I am going out right now and buying my conference ticket! At the last conference I learned about:

  • The [arbitrary number] “laws” of influence and persuasion – yes, there are only [arbitrary number] of these!
  • How to obtain and maintain a 6 figure income at others’ expense! Build your first mansion right at the top of that triangle!
  • Negotiate your way, ridiculously, to the top of…well, something which is not the bottom.
  • How to finalize more fantastic sales faster with your Expensive Sales Kit!
  • Learn the special grammar of all “self made millionaires” which will convince you that you’ve already made it!
  • Utilize the Internet to grow your personal and professional network whilst simultaneously alienating every one your friends!

This conference was absolutely invaluable to me! This is the best way to be rid of your pesky cash while on the road to fabulous wealth! I say now is the time to “reduce that wallet”. Isn’t it just weighing you down?



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