Convergence of Mission

With regard to a statement made by PZ Myers and an article I have yet to read, yes, a whole lot of us are converging on similar ideas right now. Some say it better than others*.

I think what Ms. McCreight said about participants and causes is worth repeating far and wide (emphasis mine):

I don’t want good causes like secularism and skepticism to die because they’re infested with people who see issues of equality as mission drift. I want Deep Rifts. I want to be able to truthfully say that I feel safe in this movement. I want the misogynists, racists, homophobes, transphobes, and downright trolls out of the movement for the same reason I wouldn’t invite them over for dinner or to play Mario Kart: because they’re not good people.

I haven’t yet arrived at a coherent mission statement, as you know, but I think I couldn’t say it much better.

Any two atheists, as such, are bound to converge only at a few common points. It is inevitable: Differences can arise as a result of demographics, the nature of the religion one rejects and, simply, “variation in a species”.

But, some disagreements cannot be ignored — must not be ignored. Instead, particular disagreements must be vigorously argued against and fought with as much energy as one fights religious hegemony and demagoguery.



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