Question About What You Don’t Know You Know

Is Science more useful than Philosophy? The 2500 year development of scientific method may speak for itself. Because of this invention, planets and cures have been discovered.

But it is a misrepresentation of both to force philosophy into the same space when it is this mode of discourse which is most useful for revealing, as Slavoj Žižek discusses, with reference to Lacanian psychoanalysis, that which “we don’t know that we know” already. Finding this is to go beyond merely obsessing about what we might “not know what we don’t know” and is to discover, possibly, the most dangerous ignorance: That which we already know.

Only by argumentation and the constant turning over of ideas can one begin to discover one’s own prejudices and assumptions; the truth or falsity of a question. Naturally, an investigation requires data, but how do you even know whether or not a question itself is not the very problem you need to solve?



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