Snelling and the crazy flood pumpkin pie emerald catastrophe

This is one of those “messy field posts” I keep threatening you with; not much more than random notes. Proceed at your own risk. I’ll clean it up later (probably not)…

Snelling and Snelling

Well now! I discovered some interesting things about someone who goes by the name “Dr. Andrew Snelling”! Let’s ignore for a moment the simple and sad fact that an “Answers” article, “Emeralds–Treasures from Catastophe”1 is, predictably, a huge disaster. In short, it pretty much demonstrates (obliquely) that the Earth is quite a bit older than anyone at that particular organisation is willing to admit or face bravely.

Is there anything interesting about this “Dr. Andrew Snelling“?

It turns out he is (or was) actually two people with one PO box. One Snelling liked to go on lengthy preaching tours, collecting fees for speaking at churches and whatnot. The other Snelling wrote papers as part of his academic specialty (uranium mineralization) in which he frequently made reference to eras “millions of years ago”. Not particularly controversial on the face of it.

What is so interesting about the singular Dr. Andrew Snelling is that he was one person who really did act like two separate people. Each Snelling wrote for a different audience and each was careful to never mention or cite the “other” doctor.

And the Dr. Andrew Snelling of one audience did have something to hide from the other audience, I reckon. The archives for SMH only go back a few years and the snapshots on the Wayback Machine are not always consistent. The earliest is from 1996. Fun bit of trivia from 1996 from another source, Alex Ritchie for The Skeptic, circa 1995, describing some of Snelling’s shenanigans2

find PDF version of The Skeptic from Summer 1995 that mentions the above article.

The long and short of it is that Snelling appears to have attempted to alter the perception of his integrity, to put it nicely. That is just posturing. The opening article is really little more than a collection of assertions and material yanked nearly verbatim from Wikipedia (without attribution!). I would have a hard time believing that that article was written by anyone even moderately acquainted with academic standards. The statement at the end is just silly and without any merit:

Notes about crystal formation

“…and the global Flood provided the mountain-building forces necessary…”

…plenty of opportunities for the formation of crystals of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate.

If that didn’t properly put a damper on any cult enthusiasm about “the Flood”, then this abstract from Grundmanna and Morteanib, Harvard and Munich Technical3

I was particularly interested in these bits:
“…The emerald-bearing biotite schists and quartz lenses are interpreted alternatively as a product of (i) thrust-fault-shear zone – controlled large scale alkali-metasomatism driven by post-magmatic fluid flow or of (ii) a large scale interaction between syntectonic pegmatitic magma or hydrothermal fluids with pre-existing basic to ultrabasic rocks, or of (iii) a syn- to post-tectonic regional metamorphism and small scale blackwall metasomatism….”
“The complex interplay of magmatic and regional metamorphic events during the genesis of the Egyptian emeralds/beryls makes it impossible through stable oxygen isotope data to relate their genesis to the one or the other event.”

So, it is tough to pin down the exact sequence and mechanism of formation of specific types of crystals. But this much is obvious: It is a modulated, sequential series of events.

Real-world consequences of mythological events

…what would happen in a cataclysmic event that would flood the Earth to the point where all mountains were covered within the space of a month or two?

Wouldn’t it would be a slurry of homogeneous pandemonium — muck and mess, uniformly brown from top to bottom! Add to that some “mountain building” fireworks and tectonics and absolutely nothing would be modulated and sequential, but scoured surfaces and homogeneous deposits; uniform thickness everywhere on the planet. No fine stratification. No orderly deposits. No periodic fossil layering. Like a giant blender set to brown puree and all contents poured everywhere to a thickness of one mile! The earth would look like a huge pumpkin pie for as deep as you could dig everywhere you dig!



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