Godly Cowardice

Reliance upon god is a vulgar act of cowardice.

Let me be very clear about what I mean by vulgar. In the strictest sense, the vulgar is that which is entirely common and without nuance; average and mundane; impervious to critique. This vulgarity requires little effort, just a passive acceptance of all that is handed down as culturally or doctrinally permitted. Personally, I think that belief in god(s) does also have an element of the obscene (I admit that this is the first sense of the word I think of), but I’d have a tough time applying that particular sense to all forms of belief.

You should not be put off by the vulgarity, I think, but by the cowardice.

nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses

This cowardice is demonstrated by the varying displays of aversion to the real: To avoid the dynamism of life, god thoughts stand in for and as an antidote to personal and cultural development; without a means for controlling others it becomes only a projection of personal demands.

The God  is a convenient in-group icon against a manufactured out-group and, I would argue, a terrible, often toxic and always phony substitute for the Ethical: that necessary moral negotiation which is required of every person who lives with other people.

If that weren’t enough, the faithful and godly always at this point, say — shout, actually — as on queue, “…you’ve been talking to the wrong people…” before then declaring definitively and finally for all around them to hear, the nature of the true god, according to their own in-group assessment.

What else can I say to that but, “Says who?”

Oh, godly of the world, I cannot un-see;
You’ve made your point too well for me.



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