One Woman Against a Well-Connected, Powerful Crowd

Please take a few minutes to step away from this blog, follow this link, and read the referenced blog post, Fatwabaaz and politicians 1 written by Taslima Nasrin.

It took me about five minutes, not counting the time I took to follow the links and look up the referenced names. I think you will benefit from reading of her experience.

What would you do in her position?

I should say right away that you might find this short reading difficult, especially if you don’t understand the politics or the culture. You might be reading this in Tokyo, Tacarigua, Dunedin, or Dublin and you may not know who any of the people whom Ms. Nasrin references.

But, while you read it (or, I hope, having read already), think about how some of the people named might function in your community. How would you react if they behaved in such a manner? What would you do if this was you?

And do note the names. They are chairpersons of large parties, celebrities, people of some social significance; people who have large platforms on which to speak to large numbers of people.

You may not (yet) be in a position to act or have any effect, but you can read and you can begin to understand. You may yet be in such a position or know someone who is.

  1. Taslima Nasreen. “Fatwabaaz and politicians”. No Country for Women. Freethought Blogs. 2013-11-11. (retrieved from


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