Not Persephone, Per Se…


Did you hear about that guy who became a priest for the Temple of Persephone?

This happened recently.

Everything was going great. Then, just before the Solstice Festival, the priest told the Temple leadership that he wanted to start a project. This project would be an exploration of sorts, just to see what it was like to live in a world in which Persephone didn’t exist and in which She isn’t the Spiritual Force behind new growth in Spring and so forth and so on.

They fired him! On the spot!

Well, they had explanations, of course. They didn’t “just” fire him. They were awfully sorry, you see. But, they basically just cut him off with a “call us in a year when you’re done with these games…maybe we will still have a place for you when you publicly renew your vows to Her Purity…” The Temple leadership was less concerned with (as it turns out) whether or not Persephone was pleased with the priest’s project, than they were the sensitive feelings of the prominent donors and sponsors of the Temple. I suppose we (and he) should be happy that they didn’t kill him for blaspheming The Maiden.

Now, I’m not an adherent to the cult, but I am a little surprised that for all the confident rhetoric about “self-evident” power the Ineffable Mother is said to possess, that the Temple leadership would nevertheless display so obviously little confidence in the strength of their own position! They simply couldn’t countenance the mere idea of someone even pretending to question the existence of the Bringer of Seeds!

And, I get it that people think he “signed up for the job” to “work for Persephone” and all that; that this isn’t like other jobs and other job titles with their own peculiar occupational loyalties. But, come on! This is Persephone! You know, the One who brings forth Life! Even if you don’t believe in her, she still is supposed to exist, still pushing up the daisies. So it shouldn’t matter if this one guy believes or not, right? Persephone should still be the same, one way or the other, shouldn’t she?

Shouldn’t she?

Well, I’m pretty sure the guy now knows that Persephone won’t be making her caresses so obvious and so floridly as she does only within the ivy halls from which he has been banned.




[Thanks to Copsey and Miyamoto for the news about the Temple of Persephone]



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