Manal al-Sharif and the continuing hostility toward women in Saudi Arabia

This video is about four years old. But all of the issues and conditions surrounding this protest still exist as of this writing.

See also version with English captions added.

“Manal al-Sharif, one of the organizers of an online campaign encouraging Saudi women to drive en masse on June 17, was arrested on Sunday [22 May 2011], days after she posted video of herself flouting the kingdom’s ban on female drivers on YouTube. Traces of Ms. Sharif’s campaign also started to disappear from the Web.”

Article published on You drive, I whip: Saudi men warn women

On TED, speaker highlight: Why you should listen to Manal al-Sharif:

Please see official website of Manal al-Sharif

New York Times Blog (2011-05-24)  Saudi Woman’s Driving Video Preserved Online

Wikipedia: Manal_al-Sharif



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