Ideology in the Science I Think I Love

I can be as partisan and/or practical as the next person.

I like the scientific method; I use the scientific method. I’d be foolish to say — to think, even — that an explicitly anti-subjective, empirically driven and self-criticizing method of investigation is anything but perfectly vital towards discovering what is true and false in every aspect of reality.

But, I do not “Fucking Love Science” (tm), and not because of so-and-so (hint hint nudge nudge). I fucking love (if one were to state it thus) asking what “Science” is.

So, what is “Science” in the everyday sense of the thing? What are people talking about when they invoke the word?

We can talk about methods of investigation; I suspect that is not what people are talking about when they invoke the word. We can talk about “discoveries”, and that would bring us closer to the everyday sense of its use. It’s also getting closer to something which fans of “Science” seem to believe they are immune from, something entirely foreign to the enforced optimism of “loving Science”.

This is something one step removed from the “science” of method and investigation.

Collectively, we now can marvel at sights no person in the long history of human experience ever thought possible–distant stars, the very small, the unveiling of the impossible and achieving what was literally impossible: machines sent to planets and the knowledge of places so distant that we (you and I) can die with the sure knowledge that we will never see them. Yet, we know of them.

Well, now, that celebratory spirit is beginning to sound a little like something decidedly not science. The awe and wonder in that feels a little like religious ecstasy.

I fucking love “ideology”.

I think that the key to understanding the convoluted thoughts and intents of humans is to ask questions and use some explicitly self-criticizing method of investigation (whatever you want to call that). Ask questions and be a little bit of an ass about it. Ideology reaches inside all of us social primates and directs our paths while we yet remain oblivious to the very thing itself.