The Pink Mustache of the New Underclass

Few battles in the microcosm of American civic politics symbolizes the destruction of the old Leftist agenda better than the new “cab war”. The regulation of cabs used to be about protection against driver exploitation. While everyone was sleeping,  owners found a way around all of that and made cabs generally terrible.

Enter the “new and unregulated” Internet-driven exploitation engine: The pioneers think they are making their own way, Libertarian fashion, and for a while they will actually deliver a superior product just by virtue of their novelty and cultish enthusiasm. But they are tying their own noose. The status quo will have its way; the pitiless Market will even out again and the hip new generation of web-connected cab drivers will become the decidedly “not hip”, but web-connected, permanent underclass. They will drive any distance for whatever price they can negotiate. Many will tire of that.

Sounds wonderful, I know. Well, despite the superficial appeal, it won’t be good for “consumers” and it definitely won’t be good for workers. The future of the Left is not about nostalgia.



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