Your unrelenting obsessions with how I and others relate to your absurd fantasy framework

Listen to me. I don’t give a damn about “Atheism”!

“Atheism” is nothing. “Atheism” is an accusation. It is a pathway, first and foremost, that cult adherents take to get you — oh poets who think and feel— stuffed into a particular box and tracked along a particular statistical mode of their own making! “Atheism” is the empty charge and the victimless crime against an illegitimate and unthinking State. Ask Socrates, if you’re unsure about what that means.

It is fashionable lately, among a particular demographic, to “wear it as a badge of honor”. Well, that mode of fashion doesn’t make that “atheist” label anything more significant or more meaningful than that which is simply expedient or momentarily self-flattering.

A Scenario to Contemplate

You suddenly discover that you don’t believe the charter of your neighborhood’s Big Club ™ nor its assumptions nor its conclusions about what you should do and to whom you may do it and where you are permitted to be. More to the point, you discover that you don’t really appreciate all their unilateral assertions about how you should spend your time and/or money and, furthermore, if you don’t, then what they say will be the consequences.

You don’t think it’s true, of course 1 and you don’t want to participate 2. You resent their constant efforts to force you to acknowledge them. They have no concept of representation, democratic or otherwise. You don’t change the system; the system changes you, or else. But, none of this makes you anything with respect to their organization and conception of “reality” (such as it is). The label is theirs, not yours! Adherents of the many and varied clubs and cults are obsessed with labeling you with respect to their own framework.

And Yet More Absurd Fantasy Framework

By the way, the “club” I was thinking about, just now, wasn’t the “god club” or some-or-another “—ianity” or “—slam” or “—aism”. Everyone knows that stuff is fake. Everyone. No, I was thinking, just now, in this particular moment, about the club, “Men are Superior to Women and Can Steamrollor over them and Discount their Complaints and Concerns Because of [—X—]”; and the other club, while I’m thinking of it, “I fucking love Science”, which, in most cases, is less about “science” and more about self-absorbedly “loving” a fetishization of pretty space pictures and “miraculous” technologies. I was thinking, too, of  the cult of “Uncritical Veneration of the Founders of This Modern Enlightened Era of Reason and Science”. Well, their fans love to call them founders and they don’t go out of their way to correct the record.

“Atheism” is their obsession, not mine.

I can think of many things I am and simultaneously am not: I am a citizen, but not by my own choosing. I am a man, but only by birth. My essential nature is nothing decided and is something I can barely influence from moment to moment, if at all. If at all! I have been taught simply by osmosis so many so-called “Truths”. Now, I find that most of these are not necessarily “factual”, but are what I simply take as granted. Conventions. Habits. Modes. Were I now to assert a single, simple point or make a reasonable demand for consistency in a field of knowledge soaked with taken-for-granted “facts”, suddenly the world would decide—I know from experience—that I am now and forevermore to be called “Atheist”.

Look, all I said was that, no, your gods and prophets are simply nonsense and your contrived “Truths” (so-called) are transparently self-serving” and your beliefs will end when you are buried. That’s it. Ninety-nine percent of humanity is simply wrong most of the time. So what?

No, I’m sorry, but that label is yours and I don’t give a damn about “Atheism”.

  1. it isn’t true, incidentally 
  2. and why would you?