The Nested Dolls of The Desired Fix

Though I disagree with some of his premises, I fully appreciate the way in which Mr. Greene gets to the center of the matter right away. He speaks bluntly and without reserve; he is focused on the needs of community; he sees the direct effects on children and social cohesion in a way in which producers of some television show and the recipients of money and favors do not.

He makes the best point, I think, around 4:15, and provides at this smaller scale, a view of the frustrated need for “fixing” which exists at all societal levels.

At the national level, the need for “fixing” can boil over into full-scale war. Even here, the levels of concern Mr. Greene expresses can be opened up like a Matryoshka doll: Quasi-fascist, “Right-Wing” groups have gained some traction in Europe, complaining (and rioting) about all manner of “pollutants” and “deficiencies” in their Glorious Culture: They blame illegal immigrants, Muslims, Africans, “Liberals”, Leftists, homosexuals, immoral art, etc. In America, a similar strain of finger-pointing was brought to bear in a recent election. While some people want something done about wealthy hoarders who refuse to invest and refuse to pay a living wage and insist on exporting their cash; people want more liberal laws for marijuana use and want to equity for women and same-sex couples; strangely, they still think that the solution is to grip harder onto fanatically Right-Wing positions. America, collectively, thought that fixing the choir would solve some problems. The superficiality of (literally) fixing a church choir when fundamental problems of “mission” run deeper in an organization is the perfect example in miniature.

I cannot imagine the cynicism — well, I can imagine it, just can’t put my head in that space — of the producer Greene cites, who would think that this kind of exploitation could serve anything but a perverse desire to witness suffering. I’ll admit that it is absurdly comical that a church would think that “fixing the choir” will make everything okay, when in fact the very representatives of their “moral position” are part of the real problem which no one wants to fix. I suppose that is the hook used to lure viewers.

The fact is that the very “moral position” itself turns out to be the source of the problem. Just like with the perception of the “Right-Wing” advocates in Europe and America, a problem really does exist and must be addressed. Unfortunately for that crowd, the problem is not the “Liberals” and “gays” and “immigrants”, the problem is the “Right-Wing” advocates themselves who unapologetically burn, kill, and tear down their communities and public institutions! The problem with these churches isn’t the choir, of course, and isn’t necessarily even the pastors, as much as the entire premise of Christianity. Address those premises directly and you will begin to see healthy people emerge from that wreckage, beginning to create real community and experience genuine well-being.