F*ing Lovers of Science: Verbatim Repetition About Peru

As though offering (yet) another object lesson that neither a liberal outlook toward politics, nor an apparent enthusiasm toward “Science” 1 as it is commonly venerated, nor even possessing an overtly non-theistic world view can, of its own, offer any useful perspective on the truth statements of governments, yet another a blogger writes yet another incisive post 2 essentially repeating completely verbatim exactly what everyone else in the world is saying already, and saying that upon literally no evidence whatsoever, except that questionable evidence provided by a self-interested Peruvian government!

Just a little Pro Tip: If you want to be taken seriously while delivering an important message about an impoverished country having an incredibly corrupt government with an inexplicably active propaganda department, it’s best not to use the word “desecration” while simultaneously talking about a piece of sculpture (which, by the way, can actually be repaired) and meanwhile failing to mention any of the outrages committed by said Peruvian government against said treasures, against the land itself, and lastly (always “lastly”), against the people of Peru.

The new word in everyone’s vocabulary and on everyone’s lips is “irreparably”, as in “irreparably damaged”. It’s a clue that the common knowledge consists of little more than dumb repetition of a single, unchecked source. What exactly was damaged (“irreparably”) and what else on the coastal desert had (already) been damaged that had nothing whatsoever to do with Greenpeace? Tell me if you know.

Yes, you’d have guessed correctly if you said that Peru is getting all sorts of free press for this one! The story is repeated with perfect, blind righteous indignation everywhere that “Greenpeace Irreparably Damage Ancient Nazca Lines”. You won’t even have to read the cookie cutter articles; just read the identical headlines.

So, has everyone taken the very same crazy pills?

It is as though Peru — rather, the Nazca Lines in Peru — just popped onto the world’s radar and now everyone is ready to grind into action against that terrible old foe, Greenpeace! As though they are the equivalent of a Cold War enemy. Meanwhile, what are we to make of the multinational companies with which Peru has developed incredibly cosy relationships, at the literal expense of everyone in Peru? Not counting, that is, the forests, the deserts, the wildlife, or the ancient artifacts.

What of the other archeological sites Peru simply does nothing to protect? They know perfectly well that they either will not or cannot do anything — unless it benefits tourism.

What of the lawless wilderness in which the state remains absent? 3

And, the continued deforestation? That expansive industry which, in areas near watershed, result in complete lack of runoff control, in turn lapping away at the edges of Peru’s “sacred” and “exquisite” treasures! Maybe, if Peru is really, really lucky, they can induce more environmentalists to come to Peru to fall on their own swords for the crimes of Peru and their absurd neglect of governance.

Well, now that you have been reminded that Peru exists and that an obscene number of people there experience grinding poverty and enjoy the utter and complete neglect of (Peruvian) government, perhaps you might be interested in a little taste of what else has been happening there while everyone else was hyperventilating about footprints:

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Nazca Scandal

Greenpeace Handed Peru the Perfect Distraction: Peru should be held responsible
Peru, indignant about desecration. Indifferent about impending extinction
F*ing Lovers of Science: Verbatim Repetition About Peru

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