F*ing Lovers of Science: Verbatim Repetition About Peru

As though offering (yet) another object lesson that neither a liberal outlook toward politics, nor an apparent enthusiasm toward “Science” Continue reading

Peru, indignant about desecration. Indifferent about impending extinction

Peru has gotten a surplus of largely undeserved attention for a prominent United Nations climate conference, as well as for, let’s acknowledge, their many Continue reading

Star Wars Awakens: Episode I, “Settler Saga”

Series Contents

Found Hiding, Star Wars Awakens

Imagine for a moment that the story of Star Wars is not the dramatization of a complicated, inter-planetary struggle between good and evil, a pure record of rivaling factions, or a close accounting of technological horrors against entire planets and races. Continue reading

Star Wars Awakens: Prelude, “Repetition of the Fundamentalist Narrative”

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Found Hiding, Star Wars Awakens:

The Force had, from its very beginnings, though construed as having an eternally uniform nature within the world of Star Wars, a necessary and misidentified Dark side: Continue reading

How to Find the Discomfort You Seek

The received wisdom of our times, at least in the culture I inhabit, takes the position that every opinion has a counter, a Ying for every Yang. Continue reading

The Nested Dolls of The Desired Fix

Though I disagree with some of his premises, I fully appreciate the way in which Mr. Greene gets to the center of the matter right away. He speaks bluntly and without reserve; he is focused on the needs of community; he sees the direct effects on children and social cohesion in a way in which producers of some television show and the recipients of money and favors do not. Continue reading