mentions passed along: Free Will and Crime: open season?

Eddy Nahmias engages in some predictable hyperventilating about the threat of an open season on crime if science destroys Free Will (or whatever). Still, an interesting read even if it is incoherent and slightly hysterical:

As an after-thought (before-thought?), you might note that ‘Free Will’ isn’t even an illusion, let alone something you have to reconcile with your experience. If I had any advice for you, I’d just suggest you put it away. ‘Free Will’ is a toy, a pipe-dream, an accusation you use against others and against yourself. You are pushed along by so many forces you know so little about. What makes you think that the thought you are thinking now was made by you? What makes you think that the decision you just made originated in your own head? You are what you are from this moment to the next in an expansive environment you don’t control. You don’t make yourself. You don’t control your destiny. Just be who and what you are and prepare yourself for — meditate on the truth of — the inevitable that is entirely outside your control and horizon.

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